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Current Events
Sanitation Solutions has complained to the City that dogs are running loose.  They will no longer pick up trash where a dog is running loose.  If you have
a dog, you must keep it contained in your yard.
City Ordinances
We are going to have a community wide Easter Egg hunt  for Easter 2019. We are thinking live music, bounce houses and maybe, just maybe a game or
two of softball? THAT got your attention, didn’t it?

However, we’re going to need help. Just after the first of the year we are going to be putting ideas to paper and will need some committee members to
help make it all happen. If interested call City Hall and give Mary your number. We want this to be an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones and an old
fashioned Family Reunion for the rest.

Let’s bring our community together over a hot dog, candy and possibly a game or two of softball.