Welcome to the City of
October 31, 2017
5:30 - 8:00
Candy and bounce houses at Como City Hall
Current Events
Sanitation Solutions has complained to the City that dogs are running loose.  They will no longer pick up trash where a dog is running
loose.  If you have a dog, you must keep it contained in your yard.
New stop-signs have been placed at the intersection of Smith St and Bethel Rd.  This intersection
is structured in a manner that creates hazards to houses and oncoming traffic. It was asked of the city
council to install "speed bumps" on all three streets, but city council feels that the speed bumps would
create even more hazards, as a vehicle traveling could potentially be damaged and control lost while driving.  It was decided to install stop-
signs in all directions for the following reasons

•There are now multiple families with school aged children within one block of the intersection

           •There was recently a major accident at that intersection, which resulted in bodily injuries and property damage

                •Speed bumps could potentially damage a vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed and could potentially cause a
driver to lose control

Please understand installing the stop-signs are to keep everyone safe.