Welcome to the City of
1. City of Como’s Main Source of Income
 Water / Sewer payments are the biggest source of income.  We do receive taxes
 (property and sales) but the payments are the main source of income.

2. Main Expense
 I don’t like to call “employees” an expense, but for the sake of answering this
 question, the two biggest “payments” we pay are our employee’s salaries and the
 electric bill for street lights.  The City of Como pays monthly right around $5,000 to
 the electricity company for the lights and maintenance of the street lights.

3. Does the Como, TX water / waste water operators have their license(s)?
 Absolutely!  We have (2) operators and both have their water license and wastewater
 license, so we are fully compliant when it comes to treating or taking water samples.

4. Who issues the burn ban or decides when one needs to be issued?
 The City of Como follows the guidelines of Hopkins County.  Generally if a burn ban
 needs to be issued the Fire Chief for Hopkins County will issue the burn ban, and
 then the City of Como will relay the message to our city residence.  
City Ordinances
5. How do ordinances get written?
When an ordinance needs to be written or amended, first and foremost we
research the Texas Law to make certain that what is being proposed or adopted
is within the law.  We often reach out to TML (Texas Municipal League) for
guidance or seek the guidance from an Attorney.  The ordinance is constructed
by the template that theTexas Law requires and then the need for the change
is put on the city council agenda and brought before the City Council
Commissioners at the next scheduled meeting.  We discuss the reason for the
new ordinance or the reason to have one amended / revised.  City Council will
offer suggestions of verbiage changes or approve as it is written. Once it is
approved, if the law requires, we must post the ordinance in the local newspaper.

6. How many people make up the City of Como City Council?  
Currently we have one Mayor and two Council Members (Commissioners) so a
total of Three serve on the Council.

7. When are the council meetings?
Second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm